The Life Of My Blog

This year I have improved in a lot of things. The thing I have improved on the most is typing. Now I type like everyone else in my class. I type fast and well. I’ve been improving in my vocabulary too!! I have rich vocabulary. My goal for this year is completed because of my hard work! Thank you to everyone who commented me in the year because you helped me with feedback and if my post was good or things that don’t really make sense. I have improved in writing posts too like the Lest We Forget.

Tagging has become one of my top 3 technical aspects because it’s easy and fast to do. I wasn’t a tech student because I don’t play often on the computer so I don’t really go on technical sites but this year I did and it was fun! Continue reading

Success Is Life

successFor me, success is accomplishment, graduating, working hard, ect because it all happened to me. I accomplished in soccer and other sports like volleyball. Graduating, I’m almost graduating because this year I’m in 6 grade and it will be fun at the graduation.

Working hard is the basic thing you need in life because you need to work hard if you want to graduate college, high school, ect. Working hard for me is to pass in tests, grades, and all kinds of other stuff. Continue reading

The Flying Bike

Autumn-Cycling-Rob-Gonsalves-20h9se9-197x300In a cold and stormy night a little kid called Max was waiting for the rain to stop dropping. He was waiting impatiently to go biking in his beautiful old hood. But when he went biking, he realized that something was wrong with his bike, it was turning by itself!

Next day, Max and his friend James went to go play at the park. Max was cold so he crumbled up and put his arms in his jacket like a scared turtle. Max went home with James and Max said “come see my bike”.

James responded by moving his head up and down Continue reading